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Tallahassee high school seniors have the option for great senior portraits!  As a Tallahassee senior, you don't have to settle for the school photos as your real senior portrait session.  Our senior portraits focus on fun, personal portraits that show off all your interests and your personality.  Don't settle for the school images- get senior portraits as cool as you are- get all the info on our Senior Portrait FAQ page.


Sometimes a teen really knows what they want to do with their life. For Justin, he wants to be a pilot and he’s already taken flying lessons!  I am so impressed with this teen who so clearly knows what he wants for his future.  What better thing to do then, for his senior portraits, but to include that passion??  Plus, photographing airplanes in a hanger and on the runway is super cool!

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Brianna’s FSU Graduation

So, not every senior at Florida State wants the super quick photo at graduation with the flag background.  And thankfully, some of those seniors think about doing graduation photos a few weeks before actual graduation.  So, we got to take Brianna and her best friend over to Westcott and Langford Green for some fun FSU graduation photos– WITHOUT THE CROWDS!  They were fabulous and we had so much fun being silly and celebrating Brianna’s big achievement!

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One of my favorite things in doing a location session is to use a location that has special meaning to my clients.  For Brittany’s senior portraits, this meant the St. Marks Lighthouse where she spent a lot of her childhood.  I love that we are able to capture her senior portraits in a place with such meaning, and it also doesn’t hurt that its a gorgeous place!

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I have been photographing Sabrina’s family for years now, so of course I was overjoyed when they called to book her senior portrait session.  Sabrina is so much like her mom– they are both incredibly kind and thoughtful, easy to laugh and lots of fun to be around.  Sabrina has the most amazing vocal talent and I am so excited for her to set out into the world and see where music takes her!

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I had the best time with Gillian’s senior portraits.  She is so easy to photograph because just about anything will make her laugh!  She is definitely the bad joke queen and she gave me a whole list of bad puns to use to make kids laugh now.  I will forever be in her debt for the cow jokes!

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