Tallahassee Family Portrait Photographers

Family portraits should be a fun experience that shows your family as they truly are!  Whether in studio or on location in Tallahassee, our focus is always on a great portrait experience and great family photos.  For more information about family portraits, visit our Family Portrait FAQ page.

Ducks and Bunnies- March 9, 10 and 11, 2018

The most popular mini-sessions of the year are back!  Ducks and Bunnies Mini-sessions in the studio gardens March 9, 10 and 11, 2018!  Each session can be just the kids or can include the whole family.  The $39 nonrefundable session fee includes the session time, retouching of all the final images and an in studio order session to make your purchase decisions.  All prints, digital files and products are purchased separately.

Discounted print packages will be available starting at $199, or you may order from our normal print pricing menu.  There is no minimum order.  Pricing details are online at: http://longsphotography.com/pricing-109/print-pric…

To reserve your session, contact the studio at 850.339.579, email Info@LongsPhotography.com or book online at: https://longsphotography.com/store-sessions-and-cl…

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Sadler Family

Sweet Miss J is one busy little girl!  She was all about playing in the park, but was kind enough to let us get a few family portraits in there as well!

sad1 Continue reading

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The Patel Family

Four kids and two adults, all in perfectly coordinated outfits, with bright happy faces and styled hair… now do it TWICE!  For the Patel family, it threatened to rain all day for their family session but since scheduling was so tight with both our calendars, we kept our fingers crossed but at the last minute the clouds burst open and we had no choice but to reschedule.  Mom had to get everyone ready all over again for the new date, but the silver lining was that we caught the trees when their leaves perfectly coordinated with the outfits!  Winning!patel3 Continue reading

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The Amoroso Family

The Amoroso family was back in Tallahassee, and since I hadn’t seen them since baby girl was a newborn, it was time for a family portrait session!  I just love how honestly happy and silly babies can be in front of the camera.  There is no inner monologue or self criticism that many older kids and adults have.  Its just silliness and fun!amoroso2amoroso1 amoroso3

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The Dee Family

The Dee girls got into Tallahassee just before Christmas, so we needed to do a family session while everyone was in town!  So often we neglect doing family portraits when our children become adults, but the need and the value of a family portrait is just as much when they are grown!  All families change over time.  The forces of life add and subtract from our families, but each and every stage of that development is as important as the last or the next.  I am so glad I could capture this moment in time for the Dee family and I am sure years from now these will be treasured for that time is gone.dee3 Continue reading

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