Tallahassee Family Portrait Photographers

Family portraits should be a fun experience that shows your family as they truly are!  Whether in studio or on location in Tallahassee, our focus is always on a great portrait experience and great family photos.  For more information about family portraits, visit our Family Portrait FAQ page.

Williams Family

Well, sometimes Mother Nature throws us a curve ball.  The Williams family session was supposed to be outside until a massive thunderstorm changed those plans!  We couldn’t reschedule due to the craziness of school starting so we made the best of it with a studio session instead.  This family is beyond awesome– they laugh, they love, they tease and most of all they have fun!  They definitely brightened my rainy afternoon!

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The Alewine Family

Every year the Alwine family spends a week on St. George Island.  I loved getting to photograph this fun family and their two pups last year and I was super excited to do it again this year!  We raced to beat an afternoon thunderstorm, but with as wild and crazy as the kids and dogs were, I think the session was timed just right!  Can’t wait to see these guys again next year when they come down to visit!

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The Bembry Family

Once our families have grown up, family portraits become increasingly rare.  Think about the last time you had all the grandchildren or cousins all together– did you get a great image of everyone?  I was so glad the Bembrys booked a session while everyone was in town together.  I know that these grandparents are going to be SO proud to show off their big happy family!
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Alissa and Moo

Some days my job is so much more than a job.  Some days I am absolutely humbled by what my work means to my clients.  Sometimes its not obvious that an image I created will be a treasured possession forever, but sometimes it is.  Alissa brought her beloved Moose or “Moo” to see me recently.  Moo has been Alissa’s dog for a lot of years, but her health has suddenly taken a rapid turn for the worse.  We all knew that these images would be Alissa’s lasting memories of Moo.  If you have ever lost someone that you love, you quickly realize the comfort of their photograph and what a invaluable possession it becomes.  As Moo prepares to cross the rainbow bridge, I pray that these images help comfort Alissa and her family.  I feel so honored to have been able to create them and to be a part of their family’s history.


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The Ross Family

The Ross Family had us come over to St. Teresa Beach to do a family session at their beach house.  This was the first family portrait that now includes their three grandchildren and also some new in-laws.  Its easy to forget that families always grow and change, but when you look back at your last family portrait you can quickly see how true it is!

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