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Family portraits should be a fun experience that shows your family as they truly are!  Whether in studio or on location in Tallahassee, our focus is always on a great portrait experience and great family photos.  For more information about family portraits, visit our Family Portrait FAQ page.

October 9, 2012

Ulrica and Chaddrick

My two boys are definitely “Mama’s Boys” and I hate the idea of them growing up and not being as loving.  I love that Ulrica and Chaddrick are still really close and that he will still give his mama big hugs!  Its obvious that these two have a really great relationship and it gives me so much hope that my boys will be this way when they are teenagers!


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October 9, 2012

The Clayton Family

I was starting to think that I would never get to photograph the Clayton family!  It seemed like every time it would get close, there would be a reschedule for sickness, or bug bites, etc.  I was so thrilled to finally get to play with these sweet kiddos and they were super awesome for their session– well worth the wait!


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October 9, 2012


Mr. William is one loved little boy!  For his newborn photo session, we did a few of this handsome guy alone, and lots and lots with his loving family!  What a lucky dude to have parents and siblings who love him so much!

will4 will3 will2 will1

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October 9, 2012

Thatcher & Ethan… and MUD!

I almost always photograph my boys when we do a limited edition portrait special.  Last year, we did Mud Puddle Portraits for the first time I didn’t have time to get them in.  I thought it wasn’t a big deal, since I had done portraits of them just a few weeks before.  I WAS WRONG!  When Thatcher and Ethan saw the images from the mud sessions, they both began whining and complaining that they didn’t get to do it!  Honestly, Ethan must have reminded me everyday for a month that he didn’t get to do a mud session while one of his friends did!

I definitely wasn’t going to let that happen again this year, so they got a spot on the calendar for last weekend’s Mud Puddle Portrait Special.  When my mom brought them in, they were literally jumping up and down.  I have NEVER seen them this excited for photos before– EVER!  They got dressed and raced out the door to the mud set.  Most of the children I photograph for the mud sessions are a bit timid about the mud– its cold, squishy and most kids don’t seem to like getting dirty.

Here is the one before image I got just as they stepped into the mud:

Mud Pictures in Tallahassee

And here they are just a few minutes later:Mud Pictures in TallahasseeThese two images are what they each decided to do in the mud.  Neither one was told to do this– we just let them go wild!Mud Pictures in Tallahassee

Yes, its an insane mess.  It took forever to get all the mud out of Thatcher’s hair.  But they had the best time with their photos and they keep asking to do it again.  I love that I got images of them being their normal “wild boy” selves.  While these are far from the “perfect” images of posed children that so many people prefer, they are perfect to me.  They capture who these two really are– and how fun it is to just be a kid in a giant mud puddle!


Mud Puddle Photos Tallahassee| Long’s Photography

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October 9, 2012

Amber & Brantley

Two year olds are supposed to be terrible, but Brantley was most definitely the exception to the rule.  He was so sweet for his photos with his mommy and definitely kept me laughing through his session!  I am so glad we were able to capture this moment of their little family!

family photos in tallahasseefamily photos in tallahassee family photos in tallahassee family photos in tallahassee

Family Photos Tallahassee| Long’s Photography

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