Tallahassee Family Portrait Photographers

Family portraits should be a fun experience that shows your family as they truly are!  Whether in studio or on location in Tallahassee, our focus is always on a great portrait experience and great family photos.  For more information about family portraits, visit our Family Portrait FAQ page.


Jacksonville Professional Photographers Group

Last week, Olyn and I traveled over to Jacksonville to teach a program on photographing children to the Jacksonville Professional Photographers Group.  Teaching to a group of professional photographers is always a bit nerve-wracking, but when you add in the unknown element of photographing toddlers at 8pm in front of the group… well… it makes you sweat a bit!

We had a great turn out for the program and we photographed three siblings ages 2, 4 and 6 and another pair of older siblings.  All without a single tear! (From the kids or us!)  We really enjoyed meeting everyone in Jacksonville and sharing our love for the crazy, silly world of children’s photography!

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Mommy & Me Portraits

Mommy & Me Portrait Event– Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Just in time for Mother’s Day, our Mommy & Me portrait event is back!  The black and white studio sessions are available all day and evening on Wednesday, April 23rd.  There is no session fee, just a $99 minimum order.

Each mini-session can accommodate up to six people of all ages.  Whether its just mom and the kids, grandparents, or even dad, this special is a great chance for a timeless family portrait!

Nonrefundable $99 minimum order is due at the time of booking and order credit may be redeemed only at your in studio order session.  To reserve your time, call 850.339.5799 or email Linda@LongsPhotography.com   mommyme op1Family_18Family_26Family_11Family_43mmb3

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The McGee Family

Olyn and I have been photographing the McGee family for years.  Whenever they have something going on, they give us a call!  I was thrilled to get the call for a quick family session while the whole family was together for Little G’s christening!  Its always a blast to photograph this crazy group, and when we can do it at sunset at the lakehouse, what could be better??

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Thatcher & Ethan Ducks and Bunnies

Its really handy to have two super adorable test models for the sets that we build!  Thatcher and Ethan came by the studio yesterday to test out our Ducks and Bunnies sets before all the chaos and madness of the actual event.  While its always so much harder for me to photograph the own kids, I do have to say I end up being double proud of the result… I mean not only did I make cute images, but I made the cute kids in the images as well!  ;)

Tallahassee Easter Photo SpecialTallahassee Easter Photo SpecialTallahassee Easter Photo Special

Tallahassee Easter Photos| Long’s Photography

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I hate writing this blog post.  I really really hate it.  Why?  Because it means that Ryan’s baby photo plan is really and truly over!!  (You should be picturing me sitting at my desk stomping my feet in a very temper-tantrum like manner right now.)  I adore this kid and his parents are some of my very favorite people.  I really really hate the idea of not seeing them all the time and getting to hang out with this hilarious little dude!  Since they live just around the corner from the studio, I might just have to become a bit of a stalker… :)

For Ryan’s one year session we headed downtown and let mom and dad join in on the fun this time!  Ryan is such a busy dude now I was so thankful to be outside to give him the space to run and play! Tallahassee family photographyTallahassee family photographyTallahassee family photographyTallahassee family photography  Tallahassee family photography

Family Photos Tallahassee| Long’s Photography

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