Boudoir & Glamour Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are boudoir portraits?

The actual word "boudoir" translates from french to be "a lady's private room", but has been used to describe a wide array of intimate photography. Our boudoir sessions are very glamour-oriented, using a variety of different outfits whether it be a sexy dress, lingerie, his football jersey, or nothing at all. Your session is totally up to you!

What is the difference between boudoir and glamour?

Its honestly a blurry line for many people and both can be done as part of the same session. Glamour tends to have more clothes on and be a sexy, beautiful image that you can put on someone's desk at work. Boudoir is an amplified version of that sexiness that many women would rather keep private than show off in public. You can make your session anything that you want it to be-- you can do some glamour images in your favorite sexy dress and then move into the boudoir images, or you can do all boudoir or all glamour. The choice is yours!

What if I am not comfortable being photographed naked?

Most of our clients aren't! Boudoir portraits mostly have the illusion of nudity, not actual nudity! Each session is different and customized to suit each client. You choose the outfits you want to wear and you give the direction on what you are looking for. Clients are never pushed outside their comfort zone. Linda's boudoir style generally leans more towards "Maxim magazine" than "Hustler", giving images a classy, alluring and teasing look.

What if I don't want everyone seeing these photos? Will they be posted online?

Absolutely not. Boudoir and glamour photo sessions are only proofed by projection here in the studio and are never posted online for proofing. Also, images will never be used for portfolio (web or print) unless your specific permission is given. All clients featured in the web gallery have given written permission that their images can be posted.

Where do you do the session?

Sessions can be done here in the studio, or for an additional fee, at your home, a hotel or inn.

What do I do about hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup are very personal choices and vary dramatically between women. We can arrange for our preferred stylist to do both your hair and makeup at the studio or on location for a $125 upgrade. Hair should always be worn loose and do not use any lotion or foundation that includes SPF. Makeup is generally focused on a more dramatic eye- with fake lashes as an extra touch of drama. Lots of mascara and lip gloss are a must, but don't go way overboard from your normal makeup styling-- you should still look like YOU!

Who will be at my session?

This is one part of the business that Olyn doesn't photograph. Linda will be the only photographer at the session and may have a female assistant at some sessions. If you would like to bring someone with you for moral support, you are more than welcome to!

What should I wear for my session?

There are a wide variety of things you can wear-- from a sexy dress to corset and stockings to a man's shirt and tie. We recommend you bring at least 5 different outfits for your session. We may not use every outfit, but it gives us some choices. We recommend clothing that is very form fitting and it is important to remember your outfits go from head to toe, so don't forget jewelry, shoes, etc. Your clothing selections should suit your taste and your comfort level. Most women choose to have a clothing consultation with Linda by email. The consultation allows you to email ideas, get feedback and even links to examples of what works well. You can always scroll through the boudoir gallery to see what has worked well in past sessions and get some ideas.

What if my husband or boyfriend wants to be in the images too?

Not a problem! Linda does couples boudoir sessions all the time! Just chat with Linda and let her know exactly what you are looking for in the images and she can give you a custom quote for the session!

Oh No! I have a zit, I have a bruise, etc. and I have a shoot scheduled!!

Its not a problem! Boudoir images are retouched more heavily than other sessions, so those things are not something to worry about! Unless something major has happened that dramatically alters your appearance, you should keep your scheduled session.

How much are boudoir and glamour sessions?

A one hour studio session in the studio with enhanced retouching of all the final images and an in studio order session is $250. Most clients choose to purchase between $300 and $1,500 in prints and products from the session, but there is no minimum order. Please note that all session fees are nonrefundable

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