“Linda, we want what you do.  You choose.”  Did you hear angels sing along with that??  I sure did!  Its my favorite thing to hear from clients as it lets me be free to create, to mesh and meld things in the studio to create new images that I am really excited about!  It also lets us capture diverse images so there is so much variety for our clients.  This was how Caroline’s latest baby plan session went and I am thrilled with her images!
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Happy Birthday Mary!

I can’t begin to count how many one year old birthday portrait sessions I have done or how many kids have done smash cakes in the studio.  But why do we stop with this after the first birthday?  Are other birthdays less important?  For Mary, her 60th birthday was pretty important to her and she wanted to celebrate!  Well, I would say reaching 60 is a bigger accomplishment than reaching one, so lets party!  I loved Mary’s fun spirit and I am so so happy she shared her birthday in the studio with us!mm2 Continue reading

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The Patel Family

Four kids and two adults, all in perfectly coordinated outfits, with bright happy faces and styled hair… now do it TWICE!  For the Patel family, it threatened to rain all day for their family session but since scheduling was so tight with both our calendars, we kept our fingers crossed but at the last minute the clouds burst open and we had no choice but to reschedule.  Mom had to get everyone ready all over again for the new date, but the silver lining was that we caught the trees when their leaves perfectly coordinated with the outfits!  Winning!patel3 Continue reading

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The Amoroso Family

The Amoroso family was back in Tallahassee, and since I hadn’t seen them since baby girl was a newborn, it was time for a family portrait session!  I just love how honestly happy and silly babies can be in front of the camera.  There is no inner monologue or self criticism that many older kids and adults have.  Its just silliness and fun!amoroso2amoroso1 amoroso3

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The Dee Family

The Dee girls got into Tallahassee just before Christmas, so we needed to do a family session while everyone was in town!  So often we neglect doing family portraits when our children become adults, but the need and the value of a family portrait is just as much when they are grown!  All families change over time.  The forces of life add and subtract from our families, but each and every stage of that development is as important as the last or the next.  I am so glad I could capture this moment in time for the Dee family and I am sure years from now these will be treasured for that time is gone.dee3 Continue reading

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