July 21, 2014

Angel Baby Portraits

Angel Baby Portraits

Saturday, August 2nd

Our annual Angel Baby portrait event will be Saturday, August 2nd here at the studio!  Each mini-session is just $29 for up to two siblings ages six months to three years.  This is the only time all year we will have angel portraits so be sure to book your session time before they sell out!!  Call the studio at 850.339.5799 or email Linda@LongsPhotography.com to reserve your time!

All session fees are non-refundable.  Print packages are available at your in-studio order session starting at $169.  Prints are also available at our normal studio pricing, with no minimum order.

angel1 ANGEL4 ANGEL6

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June 5, 2014

Photo Basics Class- Saturday, July 19th

The next Photo Basics class is Saturday, July 19th from 9am until noon.  This class is geared to NON-professional photographers!  This class is for the average person looking to take better images, understand their camera better, and who just wants to understand what all the books mean with their nonsense abbreviations.  In the class, we will cover the basics of exposure, composition, camera functions and some basic photo editing using free software.  The class is $99 if booked before June 30th, and limited to 12 people per class.   After June 30th, class tuition raises to $129.  To reserve your spot, you can check out  online at: PHOTO BASICS or contact the studio at 850.339.5799 to pay by phone.


There is no basic knowledge, camera or software needed for the class.  I encourage all participants to bring their cameras and a notebook with them for notes.  We will begin by talking about how the camera captures and image and what goes into making the exposure.  We will cover what the buttons on the camera mean and how you can use them to get better images.  (While I am a Canon shooter, if you own a Nikon, Fuji, etc. I will still be able to help!)  We will then talk about how composition affects the final result and how to use creative compositions to elevate your images.  Finally, we will take a look at some free photo editing software, learn how to make basic adjustments and how to avoid many of the common editing mistakes.  Lastly we will have a brief question period for any material we did not cover earlier in the day or anything that was confusing or unclear.

The class will not make you a professional photographer and is not recommended for professional photographers.  This class is really focused at conquering the basics and getting the average person more confident in how their camera works.  We will not be addressing studio lighting, off camera flash, Photoshop editing techniques, etc.  In the future, if there is enough interest, we will offer more advanced and more specific classes.  If you have any questions about the material to be covered or whether the class is the right one for you, email Linda@LongsPhotography.com

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July 16, 2014


I had the best time with Gillian’s senior portraits.  She is so easy to photograph because just about anything will make her laugh!  She is definitely the bad joke queen and she gave me a whole list of bad puns to use to make kids laugh now.  I will forever be in her debt for the cow jokes!

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July 16, 2014

Ulrica and Chaddrick

My two boys are definitely “Mama’s Boys” and I hate the idea of them growing up and not being as loving.  I love that Ulrica and Chaddrick are still really close and that he will still give his mama big hugs!  Its obvious that these two have a really great relationship and it gives me so much hope that my boys will be this way when they are teenagers!

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July 9, 2014


Little Miss Kate is on the move!  She is already a super fast crawler and can stand on her own.  This little girl is going to walk any day now!  With her sassy personality, I can only imagine the trouble she will get into once she is walking!  I just know we are going to have some good stories to hear when she comes back for her last baby plan photo session!
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July 2, 2014

Yay for me!!

I have to brag for myself for a minute!  At the Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild annual print competition, I merited five of my six entries!  Woo!  I am super proud of my images and their scores, especially with all the other great images that were entered this year!

Here are my five merited images:

Portrait of a Woman, “Unwrapped”


Portrait of a Woman, “Unconquered”merit4Environmental Portrait, “Force of Nature”

Illustrative Open, “The Ringmaster”

Illustrative Open, “Unwrapped”merit1

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